Foundation Term 1, 2021

Mossgiel Park PS

What is happening in term 1 of 2021?

Our Foundation students thoroughly enjoyed their first term of school and were eager to return to school after the Easter break. This term we will continue with our Initial Lit program, learning some new alphabet letters and sounds as well as breaking words into syllable and sounds groups.

We are starting to apply this knowledge to write some words by sounding out. It is also helping us with our reading. In mathematics we continue to practice counting orally, writing, reading and ordering numbers. We are even learning about ordinal numbers to 10th.

Our other foci will include position language such as on, in, beside, as well as measuring heavy and light and long and short objects in our classroom. During our inquiry unit, ‘My Place’ we are learning all about Endeavour Hills, where we live and go to school. We are also learning about surrounding areas and in June we will be visiting Myuna Farm.