Welcome to the Junior School

In the Junior School, we cultivate a vibrant educational environment that ignites the sparks of exploration, discovery, and inquiry. Here, our students embark on a journey of growth, learning the values of care, attentive listening, and taking turns while nurturing their independence as lifelong learners.

Within our differentiated classrooms, we create tailored instruction that precisely meets each student’s unique needs, fostering optimal learning experiences. Our dedicated teachers are enthusiastic champions, dedicated to nurturing problem-solving skills, fostering strong language proficiency, and igniting a passion for learning. We empower our students to confidently communicate their ideas, engage in deep thinking about their learning, and begin to apply higher-order thinking skills.

At every turn, we strive to cultivate an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, where students blossom into critical and passionate learners. Together, we embrace the joys of intellectual growth and empower our students to reach new heights of academic excellence and personal development.

Junior School Staff

  • Kate Hardy – (PLC Leader and Learning Specialist)
  • Kristy Telford – 1/2A
  • Anna Hardy – 1/2B
  • Kristy Kranz & Jackie Gilbert – 1/2C

Our staff are open to talk to parents about their child. Feel free to book an appointment with the class teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.