Welcome to the Senior School

The Senior School continues to build student capacity to question, challenge and reflect on their understanding, knowledge, and skills. Students are explicitly taught learning habits, leadership skills and to consider different perspectives.

Our dedicated and caring staff aim for students to think beyond the classroom. They encourage students to pursue intellectual interests and develop a range of abilities.  Students’ needs, abilities and interests are placed at the centre of the curriculum. With a focus on higher order thinking, students are given opportunities to be innovative, create solutions and use technology in their problem solving.

Senior School Staff

  • Funan Keath – 5/6A
  • Julie Evans – 5/6B (Student Wellbeing Coordinator)
  • Wayne Jiang- 5/6C

Our staff are open to talk to parents about their child. Feel free to book an appointment with the class teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.