Foundation (Prep)

Welcome to the Foundation School

Our foundation program encourages imagination, exploration, and laughter. We develop a love of learning in our students through their discoveries, sharing of ideas, experiments, and creations.

Our curriculum provides opportunity for students to explore technology, concrete materials and engage in hands-on learning tasks. Our literacy program has a strong focus on developing oral language. We also deliver explicit literacy teaching through the InitiaLit program from the foundation year. Students access an excellent range of literacy resources available in our classrooms and school library.

At Mossgiel Park, we offer a full range of specialist subjects from foundation including music, art, Indonesian, and PE.

Foundation School Staff

  • Louise Rezel (00A)
  • Meredith Crowden (00B)

Our staff are open to talk to parents about their child. Feel free to book an appointment with the class teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.