Student Voice

Partnership with the Quaglia Institute

We are thrilled to share an exciting partnership between our school and the Quaglia Institute, focused on nurturing student voice and fostering a sense of belonging. Together, we have embarked on a journey to empower our students and provide them with a platform to express themselves.

Animal Ambassadors

One of the remarkable outcomes of this collaboration is the creation of unique animal representations that symbolise different aspects of our students’ experiences and aspirations. Our students actively participated in the selection process, carefully choosing animals that best embody the four quadrants that span the dimensions of dreaming and doing. These captivating creatures serve as guides, illuminating the behaviors our children exhibit which support or hinder success in them realising their aspirations.

Meet our animal ambassadors:

  • Karmen Koala represents Hibernation: Just like a koala retreats to its cozy tree hollow, this quadrant encourages our students to find moments of quiet reflection, self-care, and rejuvenation. It emphasises the importance of balance, rest, and taking time to recharge.
  • Pecky Peacock represents Imagination: With its vibrant plumage and proud display, the peacock embodies the limitless power of imagination. This quadrant celebrates the creative spirit within our students, encouraging them to dream, explore, and express their unique ideas and perspectives.
  • Penelope Platypus represents Perspiration: The platypus, with its versatile nature, embodies the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance. In this quadrant, our students learn the rewards of putting in effort, embracing challenges, and pushing themselves to achieve their goals.
  • Olly Orangutan represents Aspiration: As orangutans swing from branch to branch, reaching for new heights, this quadrant instills in our students a sense of ambition, goal-setting, and the courage to chase their dreams. It encourages them to strive for personal growth, pursue their passions, and embrace opportunities for learning and success.

To bring these animal representations to life, we commissioned a talented local Aboriginal Artist. Their expertise and cultural insights have beautifully captured the essence of each animal, incorporating elements that reflect the rich heritage and connection to the land on which our school stands.

Through this partnership with the Quaglia Institute, we are committed to fostering student voice, celebrating diversity, and creating a supportive environment where every child feels valued and empowered. These animal ambassadors serve as reminders of the incredible potential within our students and the collective journey we undertake as a school community.

Together, let us continue to nurture and uplift our students, helping them embrace their unique voices, aspirations, and dreams.